Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Still Winter!

Yep, it's still winter.  My friend German from Chile sent some photos of one of his recent fishing trips.  The fishing report was complete with the required smiling guys holding up HUGE trout, beautiful Chilean Mountains, and the guys sitting around a small picnic table eating lunch stream side.

It was green, it was warm, and it was summer there.  Yes, Chile is south of the equator which means as we're looking out our Kentucky windows at a winter wonderland of ice, snow, frozen tundra and freezing our backsides off, German and his buddies are enjoying the height of summer, HUGE trout, and stream side lunches.

German, you, my dear friend, are a cruel man!  But, thanks for sending the pictures.  Your photos gave me hope that springtime will be here soon and that I can send photos of HUGE fish I will catch this summer (while it's the dead of winter where you live )

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