Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Still Winter!

Yep, it's still winter.  My friend German from Chile sent some photos of one of his recent fishing trips.  The fishing report was complete with the required smiling guys holding up HUGE trout, beautiful Chilean Mountains, and the guys sitting around a small picnic table eating lunch stream side.

It was green, it was warm, and it was summer there.  Yes, Chile is south of the equator which means as we're looking out our Kentucky windows at a winter wonderland of ice, snow, frozen tundra and freezing our backsides off, German and his buddies are enjoying the height of summer, HUGE trout, and stream side lunches.

German, you, my dear friend, are a cruel man!  But, thanks for sending the pictures.  Your photos gave me hope that springtime will be here soon and that I can send photos of HUGE fish I will catch this summer (while it's the dead of winter where you live )

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter's a bummer for fishing

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted.  Sorry.

The fishing is, in a word, lousy.  The water conditions here in good old Kentucky are "solid".  Unfortunately, it's not solid enough to go ice fishing without taking a very cold bath, but just solid enough to make it impossible to get a fly line through the ice.  We finally have some snow melt today but looking at the future of the weather, that won't last long.


I will be tying a few flies over the coming 6-8 weeks.  Mostly to replenish all the ones that I left hanging in trees, under rocks, and wrapped around submerged branches last summer's fishing season.  I will be posting some photos and step by step on how I tie.

Like with my blog posts last winter, I'm not going to claim to be "all that" when it comes to fly tying and critique is welcome.  The intent here is to make us all better and to tie some flies that are to be used to catch fish more than to be looked at.

I have some ideas on improving on some of last year's patterns and will post the experiments here (good or bad) so you all can look over them, copy if desired, or more likely, laugh!

So, you may ask, what does a fly fisher do in the dead of winter while he can't fish?

Play with electric guitars, what else?

Here's my latest project.
It started life as a standard made in Mexico Fender Strat.  I've since added the black 3ply pick guard, upgraded the pick ups to HSS (Humbucker, Single, Single) configuration and the pick ups came from an American Deluxe Fender.  I'm upgrading the tuners to US Spec locking tuners, added a switchcraft output jack, and fully shielded & grounded the pickup and control cavities in the body.

For those of you who play guitar, this makes sense.  For those who don't play guitar, I'm speaking a foregoing language.  Let's just say, all these changes are to make it play and sound better.

Just how fly fishers are always searching for that perfect combination of fly line, reel, rod, tippet and fly, guitar players are always searching for the perfect tone.

So far, I haven't found the perfect tone, but this beast is getting close.  The closest I've ever found to that perfect tone is my Martin HD28V acoustic guitar.  It's about as close to a perfect sounding bluegrass music guitar as I've ever heard (and I've played with some $30K + guitars).

So, banging away on some classic rock, picking out some bluegrass, and trying to stay warm this winter is about all I've been doing.

Again, keep posted, I'll be updating the blog more this winter.