Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Heat

Wow, it's been hot here recently.  Today, I'm sitting in a nice air conditioned office "working".  Actually, I'm sitting in a nice cool office looking outside at everything baking in the sun and wishing it was cooler so I would feel like going fishing.

I haven't been fishing in over a week and I'm starting to go stirr crazy.  I did head over to my neighborhood lake (35 acres, is that a lake or a big pond?) on Friday afternoon but with it being a holiday weekend, the lake was very crowded. 

I can't take my pontoon boat out for a couple more weeks because we loaned our van to my sister-in-law while her car is in the shop.  Well, shop isn't quite right, while her husband works on her car (new shocks and new AC compressor).  So, I'm relegated to fishing from the shore and with a bunch of holiday picnics going on, the shore of my lake was too crowded to fish.

Not only that, it was 93 degrees on Friday and by the time I got my gear from the basement to the car and headed over to the lake, I was pretty much wet, tired, and hot with little desire to fish.

I just looked at the most recent NOAA update and it's calling for 92 today, 96 tomorrow, 96 Thursday and 80 on Friday with storms coming in.  Maybe Thursday before the storms would be good, or Friday assuming there is a lull in the storms.  If it really does go from 96 to 80, that big of a cold front will probably put the fish down for a few days.  The 10 day forecast is calling for mid 80's next week with some rain expected mid week. Assuming the weather guys are right (and around here, they can pretty accurately predict what happened yesterday and are about 50/50 on what's happening right now with significantly less accuracy by the hour when the predictions go beyond 45 minutes.), the fishing should improve next week and I'll be back to writing fishing reports instead of "wishing I was fishing" reports.

Hope everyone is having some luck fishing and catching.

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