Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Heat and Project Healing Waters

, it's still hot.  I went to my favorite local lake last night to see if I could manage to catch a few fish.  This lake is about 35 acers and is about 40' deep at the deepest point.

I decided to drop my thermometer in the lake to see the temp.  I dropped it about 18" down and left it there for about 10 minutes as I fished.  The reading was 88 degrees.  That's warm water for darn sure.  Needless to say, I didn't catch much.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Heat

Wow, it's been hot here recently.  Today, I'm sitting in a nice air conditioned office "working".  Actually, I'm sitting in a nice cool office looking outside at everything baking in the sun and wishing it was cooler so I would feel like going fishing.

I haven't been fishing in over a week and I'm starting to go stirr crazy.  I did head over to my neighborhood lake (35 acres, is that a lake or a big pond?) on Friday afternoon but with it being a holiday weekend, the lake was very crowded. 

I can't take my pontoon boat out for a couple more weeks because we loaned our van to my sister-in-law while her car is in the shop.  Well, shop isn't quite right, while her husband works on her car (new shocks and new AC compressor).  So, I'm relegated to fishing from the shore and with a bunch of holiday picnics going on, the shore of my lake was too crowded to fish.

Not only that, it was 93 degrees on Friday and by the time I got my gear from the basement to the car and headed over to the lake, I was pretty much wet, tired, and hot with little desire to fish.