Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summertime Bluegills

The summer heat and humidity has set into Kentucky.  I've been going out in the evenings to hit the local pond for bluegill but while fishing has been fine, catching has been pretty slim.

Like many of you guys, I don't fish necissarily to catch fish.  I'm not sure all the reasons I fish but mainly, it's just to get away, talk with God and spend some time on the water forgetting about the stress of my daily life.

Most of the fish I have caught recently are bluegill and not very big ones at that.  Bluegill sure do save the day a lot of times when it comes to salvaging a fishing trip or just an evening out.  On a 3 or 4 wt rod with some light tippet, they are sure a lot of fun to catch.  They all seem to think they are a lot bigger than they really are.  They get that flat body sideways in the water and turning them takes a littel more effort than it should for a fish their size.

I guess one could say I do love fishing for bluegill with my fly rod.

Tight lines folks, hope you're catching a bunch of big ones.  I hope to get out later this week if the weather breaks and cools off just a bit.


  1. Well said---when I am out on the water I forget about everything but that fish I searching for.

  2. Thanks Bill. Fishing is my release from the stress of the job and real life.