Saturday, June 12, 2010

Real Life Set In

Well guys, sometimes real life set in to mess up our fishing.  Earlier this week, my son woke up with a bad stomach ache.  After a couple hours, it became obvious this wasn't a run of the mill 24 hour kind of bug so we went to the doctor.

He had appendicitis and had to have his appendix removed.  Fortunately, it had not ruptured or perforated, and there were no complications from the surgery.  He's fine, just a bit sore, but doing well (playing Halo 3 on his XBox as I type this).  The biggest problem we're going to have is keeping him down until he's fully recovered.  Doctor said no soccer or tennis for about 4 weeks which is going to be tough to keep him off the field that long.  He will be back to fishing with me in 3-4 weeks.


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  1. Well, my son is back to full speed. The doctors gave him a full release to go back to tennis, soccer, and, of course, fishing.