Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day weekend in the Smoky Mountains

What a wonderful time to be in the mountains.  Although there were pretty significant crowds, we found the streams pretty much to ourselves.  On one hand, I'm amazed at how few people ever get out of their cars when in places like the Smoky's and Yellowstone.  On the other hand, I'm kind of glad as when we get 300 yards off the road, we usually have the place all to ourselves.

Here's a little slideshow I put together of our trip:
Slide Show of Smoky Mountain fishing trip

As you can see, we caught some fish, had some good food, and most of all, I got to spend some high quiality time with my son out fishing in the mountains.

Here's a photo of a Smoky Mountain brook trout to leave you with today.

As a parting thought today, take a look at God's perfect camo.  This rainbow was in about 8" of crystal clear water and I was looking right at the spot he was hiding.  I didn't see him until he rose to take the dry fly that I drivted over his spot.  Simply amazing.

Tight lines and I hope folks are out catching a lot of fish.