Monday, May 24, 2010

Not much fishing recently

I don't have a lot of fishing news to update.  That pesky thing called work has really taken some time away from the important things in life such as fishing.

I did take the SS Pond Scum out for a couple hours yesterday afternoon and caught several nice crappie and bluegill.

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I found a new boat rod too.  I had an older Cabela's Traditional Series rod in 8'6" 5wt that I had purchased for dirt cheap when Cabela's was changing over to the Traditional II series.  I had honestly never cast the rod. I put the rod tube in my luggage and went on about my business in Yellowstone.  We later went to Oregon to spend some time with a good friend and once again, I stuck the rod in my luggage just in case Daniel or I broke a rod or otherwise needed a spare.

A couple weeks back, while working my way through a period of extreme boredom, I strung the new / old Cabela's rod up and took some casts with it.

Even though I have more expensive rods, and much prettier rods, and rods with much higher grade cork grip, I cannot in any way complain about the action or how this rod casts.

In fact, far from complain, I honestly like the way it casts.  The action is what I would call medium to medium fast (similar to my Scott G2 rods and my Winston BIIt).  I'd call it closer to a "mid-flex) to use Orvis jargon.  I have no idea who Cabela's got these blanks from but it's a pretty sweet casting little rod.  If you guys ever were to run across one of these rods in the 8'6" 5wt configuration, I'd snap it up if for nothing else a spare.

I mated it to a Ross Cimeron #2 reel and a Rio 5WFF Selective Trout line.

It's a nice well balanced outfit and will serve well as my boat rod.  If for some reason it were to take a dive to the bottom of the lake, I'd not be too worried (other than the loss of a really nice Ross reel).

Speaking of dropping things in the water.  On my Fishpond Vest, I have a zinger attached to my hemostats.  On the PFD vest I use while on the SS Pond Scum, I did not.  Last night, I was tying on a new fly and holding it in my hemos.  Upon tying off the fly, I let go of the hemos totally forgetting 2 important things:
1) I didn't have them attached to a zinger yet
2) the SS Pond Scum is a personal pontoon and as such, has no floor.

As I watched my hemo's sinking in about 30 feet of water, I thought, good excuse to get a couple new zingers and a new set of hemos.

Well, that's about it for now.  Yes, I am writing this from work (don't tell my boss please).

Safe travels, tight lines, and hope you all catch some really big fish this summer.

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