Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The George Nymph

This little fly slayed them while Daniel and I were in the Smoky Mountains last month.  There are several steps but it is a very easy fly to tie.  I'm not sure what it represents, it may be one of those flies that looks like a lot of things but matches nothing specifically.  There were a lot of black stone flies coming off so it may have looked like a stone fly nymph, or just something buggy.
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The materials are:\
Any streamer hook.  I tied these in size 12 and 14
black thread
black hackle (I used softish hen hackle)
turkey feather
peacock hurl
lead or lead free wire
white yarn (try to find some that has a bit of sparkle to it)

I won't go into a lot of detail but will show photos of the major steps.

Lay a good thread base and tie in some of the black hackle fibers for a tail (these are kind of messy but you get the idea).  Tie them in just past the bend so they point down at about a 30 degree angle.  The jaws of my vise are causing them to stick up but they really do point down.

Tie in your wire.  Leave enough room between the hook bend and where you start the wire to tie in your turkey feather fibers and your peacock herl.  Leave enough room in front to tie off everything.  I take the wire to about the halfway mark (on a 12 hook with .15 wire it ended up being about a dozen wraps).

Take your turkey tail fibers (about 3/8" wide) fold them in half and tie them in.  Tie them in so the shiny side will be outside when you fold them over.

Tie in 3 or 4 strands of peacock herl. and take your thread up to the end of the wire you tied in.  Make a few wraps over the wire to hold everything in place (I actually did this before I tied in the turkey and peacock but I don't think it really matters.

Wrap your peacock up to the end of the lead wire.  I always put a little head cement (clear Sally Hansen's nail polish is what I use, but whatever works).  This seems to make a more durable fly.

Wrap the turkey feather over the peacock.  I tie some of these with light color turkey and some with darker color tails.  It doesn't seem to matter much to the fish.  I tie about half and half.  The light color worked better in the photographs.

Tie in a length of yarn.  I take the yarn which usually has 4 strands braided and separate 2 strands for this fly.

Tie in the hackle.  You can tie in by the tip or as I did here and tie in at the base.  Again, the fish don't seem to mind and I do it both ways depending on the hook size.  This particular one is a bit large for the hook.  I usually try to find a hackle that is more suited for the hook size but, hey, I was in a hurry tying a bunch of flies for our trip.  I did catch 4 or 5 nice trout on this specific fly before I hung it in a tree and lost it so, again, the fish didn't mind one bit.

Palmer 3 or 4 wraps of your hackle and fold the yarn over the top and tie off right behind the hook eye.

Whip finish and you have a fly that's going to catch some fish.

Again, another in the series of really easy flies to tie and one that works great on Smoky Mountain trout and I would assume trout nearly anywhere trout live.

Next are some random photos of a few other flies I tied for our trip.  A few of these are quill body parachute flies and some random stuff.

I tied up a bunch of size 12, 14, and 16 Adams but didn't get any photos. You all have probably tied a bunch of them and, honestly, other than the colors, an Adams is about the same technique as any dry fly.  Some I tie with wings, but most I don't bother with the wings and I do tie a lot of parachute style flies too.

Hope everyone is having a lot of fun out fishing this spring.

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