Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At least I didn't get skunked

A cold front blew through here over the weekend dropping outside air temps by about 25 degrees.  This really put the fish down.  My guess is it will still be a few days before they stop sulking at the bottom of the lake.  All the streams are blown out from the rain and more rain is on the way.  Stream fishing is out until the weekend at the absolute earliest and maybe longer if the significant rain being predected actually happens on Thursday and Friday.

Tonight's fishing started out kind of slow.  After about an hour, I caught this little bass.  Yes, that is a small Rapala in it's mouth and yes, the lure was almost as large as the fish.  He thought he was a lot bigger than he really was.  I'm guessing a young of the year bass.  He was returned to the water unharmed.  I hope he grows up to be a very large bass I get to catch in a couple years.

I did catch a couple nicer ones along about dark.

Even though the wind was blowing hard, I found a protected spot below the dam where the high bank offered a little relief from the wind and was casting along the rocks with a Rapala.
None of the fish I caught tonight were exceptional other than I caught about 7 or 8 fish this evening and wasn't really expecting to catch any.

Before the front blew through, I took the SS Pond Scum out for an evening of chasing bluegill with poppers.

There's nothing to gauge the size of this green sunfish, but I couldn't get my hand around it very easily.  I didn't have an anchor dropped and he took me for a nice little ride around the cove I was fishing.

I caught several nice bluegill and one crappie on poppers that evening using poppers and woolie worms.

I am getting more used to the boat and am really enjoying fishing from it.  I do need to get a lanyard to hold my camera so I don't drop it in the lake.  It is waterproof but that's not going to do me a lot of good if I drop it in 20' of water.

Hope none of you all got any storm damage last week.

Good fishing and tight lines!


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