Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A few bluegill and bass for your viewing pleasure.

The summer fishing is starting to get off the ground here in Kentucky.  It has turned from spring to summer with temps in the 80's and warm nights.  The May full moon is this week and the bluegill are starting to get restless.  I think they'll be on the beds soon.  They are starting to get some really bright colors.

I haven't caught a lot of big fish but I've been catching a LOT of fish the past few days.  They are hitting poppers, streamers, just about anything thrown out.  The bass above came on one of the Crease flies I tied up on the blog earlier this year.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Not much fishing recently

I don't have a lot of fishing news to update.  That pesky thing called work has really taken some time away from the important things in life such as fishing.

I did take the SS Pond Scum out for a couple hours yesterday afternoon and caught several nice crappie and bluegill.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At least I didn't get skunked

A cold front blew through here over the weekend dropping outside air temps by about 25 degrees.  This really put the fish down.  My guess is it will still be a few days before they stop sulking at the bottom of the lake.  All the streams are blown out from the rain and more rain is on the way.  Stream fishing is out until the weekend at the absolute earliest and maybe longer if the significant rain being predected actually happens on Thursday and Friday.

Tonight's fishing started out kind of slow.  After about an hour, I caught this little bass.  Yes, that is a small Rapala in it's mouth and yes, the lure was almost as large as the fish.  He thought he was a lot bigger than he really was.  I'm guessing a young of the year bass.  He was returned to the water unharmed.  I hope he grows up to be a very large bass I get to catch in a couple years.

I did catch a couple nicer ones along about dark.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some fish from last week

I've been hitting the water a lot the past few weeks averaging about 5 evenings per week.  I really enjoy fishing this time of year before it gets too hot.  I had the pontoon out a couple times and am still working on customizing it for my needs.  I did get a trolling motor for it (A MinKota 30lb thrust).  The little motor pushes the pontoon very well.  At speed 5, it really scoots.  I mainly tool around the lake on 1 and 2 because I'm really in no hurry to get anywhere when I'm fishing.  In fact, I row the boat almost as much as I use the motor.  I find the motor really good to help keep it in position on breezy days.

After the jump are a few pictures of the average kind and size of fish I've been catching.  I'm not a big fish counter but I've probably brought in over 150 fish this spring.  I just forget to count and the numbers are not really that important to me.  I just treasure the time on the water. 

I did buy a waterproof bible to keep in my storage box in the boat.  I've spent some time just drifting around on the lake reading.

The George Nymph

This little fly slayed them while Daniel and I were in the Smoky Mountains last month.  There are several steps but it is a very easy fly to tie.  I'm not sure what it represents, it may be one of those flies that looks like a lot of things but matches nothing specifically.  There were a lot of black stone flies coming off so it may have looked like a stone fly nymph, or just something buggy.
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