Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pontoon Maiden Voyage

On Thursday this week, the SS Pond Scum made her maiden voyage.

It is a very comfortable boat, tracks well and when I get her all set up the way I want, it's going to be a great fishing craft.

Continue after the break to see some more pictures of things I've done to her so far.

The first thing I did was make some extenders to the roof rack on the fishing van.  I used Schedule 40 PVC.  I'll probably go to drain pipe but for now the Sched 40 is working.  I cut a couple slots in it so it will kind of fit over the rails on the van's roof rack to keep it all centered.

I also used a couple pieces of left over PVC pipe to make a couple rod holders.  One is for my fly rod and the other is for a spinning rod.

I also got one of those small rubbermaid boxes to strap down to the cargo deck to hold extra "stuff".  You can see it in the above photo right behind the fly rod holder.

It was really windy the day I had her out and I figured out real quick that rowing with the wind is a lot easier than rowing against the wind.

No problems, the boat is very stable.  I think one would have to be doing something really stupid to actually flip one over.  I reckon a freak gust of wind may get under the pontoons and could lift it up if you were not watching for it but if it's that windy, I'm not going to be out on the water.

A trolling motor may be in my future thought.

Here's a photo out on the water looking back at the other shore of my local lake (wide angle lens makes it look a lot farther than it really is).

Here's a photo of all the fish I caught on the first outing.

OK, I got skunked but it was still fun to get the new boat out on the water and test her out.

Trolling motor is a possibility.  I'm also considering a swivel seat but will try it with the standard seat for a while to see how it works.


  1. Way to go Jeff. I'm excited for you. I'm sure that boat will bring you years of joy on the water. I've always tried to find room in one of the cargo holds or my fishing vest for a New Testament. They are a great addition to any craft.
    Lotech Joe

  2. Joe,
    Great idea, I will put one in a zip lock inside my storage box.

    I have an iPod Touch that I usually take fishing with me and one of the apps I have on my iPod is a searchable Bible.

    I was a little concerned about taking a fairly expensive piece of electronics out on the water and having it end up on the bottom.

    However, I do like to read random verses when I'm fishing. It's a good way to clear one's mind of the other junk that goes along with stressful life today (job, traffic, economy, teen age son, job, and did I mention job).

    Wonder if anyone makes a "waterproof" Bible? I'll have to look around.


  3. Actually they do. I've seen them at my local christian bookstore in NIV. (I prefer ESV) There is a New Testament split into several volumes for easier backpacking too.

    How would the boat do on moving water?


  4. There's a Family Christian store right at the end of my street. I'll have to check out to see if they have a waterproof / water resistant Bible. I'd like to keep it in the storage pockets of my boat to read while out floating on the water.

    I don't consider myself an evangelist and am not the guy that's opening up conversations by witnessing, but over the years, I've had the door opened a few times (maybe 5 or 6 times over the years) and to be better prepared would be a good thing.

    Joe, thanks for the tip. Now, I know what the next purchase for my boat will be.


  5. Joe,
    Just ordered one off Amazon. NIV version with NT, Psalms and Proverbs. Waterproof bible. Cool, and thanks again for the tip.

  6. Boat looks great Jeff, love the rod holders you made for it. I am sure the SS Pond Scum with have many stories to tell after the year is over.

    take care,