Friday, April 23, 2010

Good day to be a duck

After about 3 hours on the job today and a string of 12 hour work days behind me, I decided to take the rest of the day off and go fishing.

Unfortunately, it was raining like a horse urinating upon a flat rock.

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It was a cold and uncomfortable rain.  As a fisherman, we all get used to spending a lit of time in mild hypothermia so standing out in a cold rain for 6 hours isn't all that uncommon.  I had a good gore tex rain jacket, a warm sweatshirt and water proof boots.  It was just cold and uncomfortable but that was about all.

So, did I catch any fish?

Yes. The fishing wasn't fast and furious, but I managed about 10 bass, a couple crappie and one bluegill.  I was using one of the Tinsel flies from the fly tying series.  It makes a great minnow and I saw  bass chasing minows along the shore so that's what I used (Matching the hatch in warm water).

So, here's one of the bass I landed.
Here's a pretty decent crappie:
But the highlight of the day was when a group of baby ducks came to visit with me for a while.

They were eating grass and something from the lake bottom right in front of me.  I sat down and they climbed over my legs and one sat there touching my leg.  I reached out and lightly touched him and he just stood there.  They hung around me making little quackin noises.  The gang hung around me for about 3 minutes and then moved on.  I don't know why, but that moment was very special.  A little gift from God on a cold rainy day out fishing.

Here are a couple pictures of the gang.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.  I know I enjoyed my close encounter with the baby ducks.


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