Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shopping for a Canoe

Here in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, us fishermen are in that painful countdown to spring.  The sun is warmer and the days are not as cold.  In fact, it got up almost to 50 today.  The lakes still have a coating of ice on the top but it will soon be warm enough for the ice to melt and fishing to start again.

With the imminent coming of Spring, I'm in the market for a canoe.  I've narrowed the specs down but am not sure what to buy.

I want it light enough to be able to lift on top of the van solo which means a max weight of about 60-65 pounds.

It needs to hold 2 people.

It needs to be stable (as stable as a canoe can be)

It needs to be able to be used solo and tandem.

Before anyone suggests pontoon or kayak, I'm not really looking to go that direction.  I think I'm more interested in a canoe or perhaps one of the hybrid canoe/kayak thing..

80% of my fishing is going to be in small to medium size lakes.  The other 20% is going to be in slow moving water.  No whitewater canoing for this guy.  If I'm ever in white water it will because I did something horribly wrong.

90% of my fishing will be with a fly rod but some with spinning gear depending on the lake and what I'm fishing for.

So, any suggestions welcome.  Some guys on the forums have made some suggestions but if any of the bloggers have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Oh yes, I need to keep it below 1,000 too (I suppose I could go a hundred or two more but would really like to keep this under a grand).

I hope some of you all have had a chance to go fishing.



  1. Hi Jeff
    I am a follower of your blog and was reading the post concerning the canoe you are looking to purchase. I was talking to a gentlemen the other day at Smith Lake tailrace about his new Nucanoe. He said it was the best canoe he had ever fished out of. He also said he could stand up in it to cast. I am sending you a link if you are interested in checking it out. I was reading on your post that 90% of your fishing is with a fly rod. This is the case with me, but I also use ultra light reels and rods. I have written some posts on my blog concerning the lures and techniques I use with the micro light rigs I fish with. I also have a post on using the fly rod in deep clear waters. Be sure to participate in the survey that I have on my blog. It will be on until fall. I really enjoy your blog especially the fly tying post. Have a great weekend. Bill

  2. Bill,
    I'll shoot over and take the survey.

    I'm going to try and tie some flies over the weekend and have a new post up in a few days with some new flies.

    After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to go with a pontoon. I know you're probably laughing at going from a canoe to a pontoon, but after thinking about it, a canoe just isn't the best fly fishing platform out there, the kayaks leave something to be desired and the hybrids are pretty expensive.

    I can get a pontoon for myself and my son for about the price of one of the hybrid canoe/kayak things and with two pontoons one for me and one for my son, I only have to worry about my own fly piercing my ear.

    I will be posting some photos, stories about fishing from it, and maybe even some of the new words I learned while assembling it for the first time.

    Thanks for the compliment on the blog.

  3. The only drawback to the canoe is capacity. I use an 8 ft. Raider which is kind of a pontoon mini boat. It will seat two people with ease but you can't stand and cast from it. I undertand where you coming from with the pontoon--plenty of room.