Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Creek Company Pontoon - first Pictures

When the UPS guy brought the big heavy box to the front door, my wife said it says "Fragile" on the box it must be Italian.  She asked me if I had won a major award.  Upon opening the box, I thought it may just have the leg lamp inside.

Well, after my first attempt at assembling the new Pontoon, I did call my 15 year old son for some help.  The second attempt turned out more like a boat than my first attempt.

Upon arrival, there were few parts that resembled a boat.

After a few minutes of staring at the assembled and assorted bags of parts, I decided to take the shrink wrap off of everything.  The Chinese guys who packed this into the boxes really know how to wrap stuff up well.
While I was unpacking all the parts, my son started reading the instructions.  I had to have a 15 minute chat with him explaining that real men don't need no stinking instructions.  He smiled, reminded me he's a kid and went back to the instructions.  Maybe some day he'll learn.

While he was wasting time with something as useless as instructions, I started laying the parts out on the floor in what looked like it may resemble a boat frame.
When my son (Young Brad Pitt - from an episode when he was impressing a bunch of girls with his fly casting ability - long story for another blog post - let's just say it worked.  The brat) realized the futility of instructions (OK, he had read them through and through and actually almost knew what he was doing). We started assembling the parts.  It went together remarkable easy with no tools (other than a BFH to get the seat bottom in because it needed to stretch a bit).
Once we had it all together, we had to sit in it and adjust the foot rests (OK, we had to play a little too).
I spent the next several minutes pumping the pontoons up (I think an electric pump may be in my future) and then wrestled the pontoons under the frame.  I do believe there must be something alive inside them the way they wanted to wiggle out of the frame.
All in all, it really didn't take long to assemble.  The next time will go much faster.  It seems like it's going to be a nice boat.  I really like the rigid storage platform behind the seat (many of these have nylon webbing, this is rigid steel) and it has a motor mount already installed should I ever decide to go the trolling motor route.

Just sitting in it in my basement, it feels like a very comfortable boat.  The seat has good support, the angle of the back rest is comfortable, the position of the foot pegs is comfortable, and the pontoons are close enough together that one can rest his/her feet on it without too much of a stretch for a change of position.

I think I will be pleased with the new boat.


  1. looking forward to an "on the water" review...


  2. Matt,
    I wanted to get it on the water today but the wind was blowing pretty good. I didn't think it would be a good idea to go out in 40' deep 44 degree water the first time out on a day with wind in the 20mph range...