Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 First Fish

Well, after a very long cold winter, and a very cold and wet spring, I finally got out on the water today.  It was warm today but very windy.  I, unfortunately, didn't take a fly rod with me.  I stooped to fish extraction methods of using spinning gear.

However, I did manage to catch my firs fish of the season.  I have no photos becaue I really wasn't expecting to catch anything.  The water temps are in the mid to upper 40's and the fish are moving kind of slow.

I tried several different lures but finally went with a green rooster tail.  I managed to land one small bass about 10" long and had another one on for a few seconds that was quite a bit smaller (AKA a dink).

Well, nothing much more to say other than so far this year, I haven't been skunked!

Hope you guys are all getting some time on the water.

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