Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Creek Company Pontoon - first Pictures

When the UPS guy brought the big heavy box to the front door, my wife said it says "Fragile" on the box it must be Italian.  She asked me if I had won a major award.  Upon opening the box, I thought it may just have the leg lamp inside.

Well, after my first attempt at assembling the new Pontoon, I did call my 15 year old son for some help.  The second attempt turned out more like a boat than my first attempt.

Upon arrival, there were few parts that resembled a boat.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 First Fish

Well, after a very long cold winter, and a very cold and wet spring, I finally got out on the water today.  It was warm today but very windy.  I, unfortunately, didn't take a fly rod with me.  I stooped to fish extraction methods of using spinning gear.

However, I did manage to catch my firs fish of the season.  I have no photos becaue I really wasn't expecting to catch anything.  The water temps are in the mid to upper 40's and the fish are moving kind of slow.

I tried several different lures but finally went with a green rooster tail.  I managed to land one small bass about 10" long and had another one on for a few seconds that was quite a bit smaller (AKA a dink).

Well, nothing much more to say other than so far this year, I haven't been skunked!

Hope you guys are all getting some time on the water.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bought a Pontoon

Well guys and gals, I ended up buying a pontoon.  I have one coming to me like pictured above.  It should be here shortly.  Once it comes in, I will post a full review and photos of the actual boat.  The photo above is from the company's website.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shopping for a Canoe

Here in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, us fishermen are in that painful countdown to spring.  The sun is warmer and the days are not as cold.  In fact, it got up almost to 50 today.  The lakes still have a coating of ice on the top but it will soon be warm enough for the ice to melt and fishing to start again.

With the imminent coming of Spring, I'm in the market for a canoe.  I've narrowed the specs down but am not sure what to buy.

I want it light enough to be able to lift on top of the van solo which means a max weight of about 60-65 pounds.

It needs to hold 2 people.

It needs to be stable (as stable as a canoe can be)

It needs to be able to be used solo and tandem.

Before anyone suggests pontoon or kayak, I'm not really looking to go that direction.  I think I'm more interested in a canoe or perhaps one of the hybrid canoe/kayak thing..

80% of my fishing is going to be in small to medium size lakes.  The other 20% is going to be in slow moving water.  No whitewater canoing for this guy.  If I'm ever in white water it will because I did something horribly wrong.

90% of my fishing will be with a fly rod but some with spinning gear depending on the lake and what I'm fishing for.

So, any suggestions welcome.  Some guys on the forums have made some suggestions but if any of the bloggers have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Oh yes, I need to keep it below 1,000 too (I suppose I could go a hundred or two more but would really like to keep this under a grand).

I hope some of you all have had a chance to go fishing.