Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What the fly tying series is all about

t seems someone suggested I need to take lessons.  In a way, that is pretty funny and I like the guy's sense of humor.

I did want to take this opportunity to reinforce just what the fly tying on this blog is all about.
  • First, I do not have an expensive SLR digital camera so my photos should be seen as giving an idea.  I'd rather spend money on fly fishing and fly tying gear (and the occasional old Martin Guitar) than on expensive camera equipment.
  • The intent here is not to showcase a bunch of pretty flies.  Over the years, I've found fish just don't care a bit about how pretty a fly is.  If it is about the same size and color (and I'm not even too convinced about color) as what they are feeding on, and it is presented in a manner similar to what they are feeding upon appears in the water, the fish are going to check it out and see if it is food.  If you're lucky, you'll raise your rod tip before the fish spits it out realizing it is a bunch of feathers tied to a piece of wire.
  • The intent is not to teach fly tying.  My intent is to give ideas for some flies that have caught fish for me and may not be just like the ones in the books.  I like to experiment with different materials and techniques.  Some work, some don't.  The ones I place here are ones that have worked.
  • I would be more than pleased if you all saw something I tied and wanted to make it pretty or improve upon it.  That is the real intent, get the imagination flowing, have some fun tying some 5 minute flies that will catch fish and not spend a lot of time worrying if the hackle is just the right size for your hook, or if the hackle is tied in at the 2/3 point or the 5/6 point, or if you have 3 parts to the tail or 2 or 4 (I doubt if fish can count).
  • Lastly, I try to focus on flies for warm water.  There are thousands of pictures, books and websites dedicated to trout fishing and trout flies.  There are fewer covering warm water fishing.

So, have fun, look at the flies.  Maybe get a good laugh, but try a couple of these, improve upon them, make them pretty and catch a bunch of fish and if you don't catch a bunch of fish, have a great time fishing anyway.  That's what it's all about.

If you have something positive to say, please post.  If you want to tell me to go take lessons, well, I guess that's OK too.  Everyone has a right to their opinion.  I will remove any posts that are abusive, use foul language or are otherwise inappropriate for a family audience.


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