Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Coming Down - Confession Time

Well, it's actually 3:30pm on Sunday.  If the guy on the weather forecast is right, today is 21 days without sunshine.  One of my co-workers said something to the order of "only 2 month until spring".  At this rate, I think it's going to be  a long 2 months.

At least it's been a little warmer the past couple days and most of the lakes have lost their surface film of ice.  So, we once again have liquid water but my beloved warm water fish are still not very active.

I also have a confession to make to you all.  I have done wrong in the eyes of fly fishermen all over the globe.  I had some Christmas money and went to the local BassPro Shops and bought.... are you ready for this.... a new spinning reel and rod.  I got a Shimano Sahara reel that is really sweet and a basic generic graphite spinning rod.

My good friend (and I do not use the word friend lightly) from Oregon calls spin fishing "fish extraction" and claims it is an abomination.  In fact, this fine young man just calls it the "S"-word.

Me, on the other hand considers it an alternative fishing lifestyle.  First and foremost, it's fly fishing, but there are days when I want to see the dark side or when fishing with spinning equipment is, well, just fun. 

Alright, back to fly fishing talk now.

I have some foam body flies to post this week.

Next week, if I can get some time to tie, I'm going to be posting some deer hair flies.  Now, before anyone gets too worked up, I've only tied a few deer hair bugs in my life and some of them end up being total train wrecks.  So, if these turn out good, I'll post them with the step by step like in my other posts.  If they turn out bad, I'll most likely do the same thing but be posting as examples of "how not to do it".

That's all for a Sunday afternoon coming down.

I hope all have a great week.

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