Friday, January 1, 2010

Prayers Answered - Not Fishing Related

At 3:10am this morning, after over 95 years of life, my grandmother passed on to be with the Lord.

A lot of members of the fly fishing community from LRO's forum and the FAOL forum have been praying for her so that she would go quickly, at peace and without pain or suffering.  The Lord did just that this morning.  I was able to be with her and my mother when she passed from this life to the next.  It was very peaceful.

She lived a long life, she was ready and it seems as if the Lord was ready.

No fly fishing content in this blog post.  This is my memorial to my grandmother.  She was a good woman, she was loved, and she will be missed.


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother during the holiday season. I just lost my father as well. (Dec 26th) That was a nice memorial to your grandma. I bet you have lots of good memories of her to carry around with you. I said a prayer for you, and your family.