Thursday, January 21, 2010

First fish of 2010 - when will it be?

One of my friends posted on Twitter yesterday that we only have 2 more months of winter. She's probably right in one sense but in the "fishing" sense, I wonder when my first fish of 2010 will be?

Read more after the jump to see predictions and discussion and your challenge:

My last warmwater fish of 2009 was a largemouth bass caught the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. For Northern Kentucky, that is quite late. Normally, after Halloween, the fishing dies. This year, we had a warm streak the first 2 weeks of November and the fish responded.

My last trout of the 2009 season came the second week of December. The State of Kentucky stocks trout in Big Boone Creek in the winter months for a catch and release fishery that usually runs November through April (some years October through April depending on weather). I managed to catch quite a few stocker trout before the water turned from liquid to solid with ice flows and skim ice across the stream.

Even with waders and appropriate clothing, something about crunching through ice and pushing ice rafts aside to wade and fish just seems really cold and uncomfortable and the thoght of slipping and going under in 34 degree water just doesn't appeal much to me. I guess I really am a warm water fisherman at heart.

So here's the question, when will my first warm water fish of 2010 be caught?

I would ask about trout, but that quite honestly depends on when I get a chance to hit the tailwaters when the weather breaks also I am going to the Smokey Mountains this spring and will probably catch a few then.

The big question is when will the first warm water fish take one of my flies in 2010?

Based on years past, I'm hoping for the last week of March, but the second week of April is a much more likely guess.

Then on what fly and what type of fish.

Read my predictions after the jump and comment if you agree or when you think your first fish of 2010 will be - make your own prediction.

Here's my prediction:
When: Tuesday April 12
What: Crappie
Fly: Tinsel Fly (Fly Tying Series 1)
Color: Silver tinsel, white marabou tail


  1. Hi Jeff, great blog. I found it through the FAOL BB...I post as brandonl. Hope you don't have to wait until April to catch a warm water fish, but even if you do you have me beat. Here in AZ I fish only for trout, but once a year we head to IL for a couple weeks to visit family and I get my bluegill/bass/crappie fix. This year we're headed there mid-May. Keep up the great work on the fly tying posts for warm water, I'll be following closely and tying for our trip.

    Brandon (a Christian fly fisherman as well)

  2. Brandon,
    Good to hear from you and that you like it. I have a couple more flies I'm going to be putting up this week. Basically, they are variants of the "gurgle pop" that I learned from FAOL and one that is my "experimental" topwater fly.

    In the next couple weeks, I'm going to attempt to tie some deer hair bugs. I tied a few up last year and the first couple were train wrecks. They caught fish, but were about the ugliest flies I've ever seen. I was embarrassed to show them to anyone but the fish. If asked, I would most likely have told people I found them alongside the stream somewhere.

    If the ones I tie next weekend turn out OK, I'll post them. If not, there are a few other flies I'm going to be tying including some more soft hackles. I find soft hackles tied as droppers below poppers and other foam dry flies catch a lot of bluegill and bass. I did the peacock and starling earlier. I may do another variant of that one and I tie one with pheasant tail for the body and a few others.

    I will most likely do a woolie bugger but most tiers know that one pretty well.

    Anyway, glad you liked it.