Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cold, Cold and more Cold

I will be so glad when springtime actually comes.  This morning, for a brief hour or so, there was a strange yellow ball glowing in the Eastern sky.  In addition to the strange yellow ball, the sky was a very strange color.  It looked something like the font in this sentence.  Now, for some of you, a "blue" sky may not be a bug deal, but if the weather guy is to be believed, this was the first time we've seen the sky that color and had a clear view of that strange glowing yellow ball for about 21 days and it may be even longer.

Here's what greeted me out the window yesterday afternoon.

This isn't really a "woe is me" post.  The changing of the seasons is necessary.  The fish that live in this area have evolved over they years to survive these things.  A good cold winter will help keep out some invasive species that cannot handle the cold.  It will cull out the weak and unfit from the wild plant and animal populations.  It's a good thing.

For us warm water fishermen, it means we have a few months where fishing is impossible.  There may even be a culling of the fishermen herd that a good cold winter brings about.  Perhaps those who are not really dedicated fishermen will take up golf.  Maybe some of the pseudo fly-fishermen will go back to golf

Hopefully tonight or tomorrow night, I'll get some time to post a new batch of flies.  The one bad part of this cold weather is my fly tying room is in a "3 season" room in our house and with space heaters, I can turn it into about a 3 1/2 season room but when it's this cold, well...

Here's what I'm posting next time.  I is a collection of foam body flies and this one is one of my experiments.

Have a good week, hope you all who can fish are fishing and those who can't, I feel your pain.

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