Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why I like fly fishing gear

Yes, I'm a GEAR JUNKIE and I'm not one bit ashamed to admit it.  Not only that, but I like really nice fishing equipment.  I have a Fishpond vest, a Winston and a couple Scott rods.  I also like Ross Reels and Orvis reels.

I'm not a total gear snob and own a number of rods from Cabelas and every TFO rod I've ever cast was excellent.  My Cabela's rods are also great casting and feeling rods.  My son has a custom built rod from Steve at Midwest Custom Fly Rods that was by no means expensive but is a wonderful casting rod.

So, why do I own so much equipment?  Well, it's because I'm a fly fisherman and one cannot have too many fly rods and reels.

I also tie my own flies which means I have enough feathers, hair, string, tinsel and other fly tying soft stuff to make several feather beds.  I'll never be able to tie enough flies to use up all of my feathers, but every time I go to a fly shop, I buy more.  Every time someone is selling tying materials on one of the bulletin boards, I feel compelled to buy it.  Why? I don't know, I just do.

While I like this stuff, I don't consider myself an equipment snob.  I am somewhat of a guitar snob with Martin guitars, but when it comes to fishing, whatever catches fish is good with me. I'm a died in the wool gear junkie and this is my confession.  Unfortunately, I have no intention of giving up my bad habits of collecting fishing gear until such time that I cannot buy more (either financially or when I'm dead).

The one aspect of this sport I have not tried, yet, is rod building.  It looks interesting but I'm afraid a rod I built would just look like a rod I built so far, I've chosen to leave that to the professionals.

So, where does all of this lead?  I guess it's nothing more than a confession that I am a gear fanatic and the fact it's snowing outside, all the lakes are frozen over with a thin skim of ice, the streams are frozen around the edges and I can't fish, which all leaves me with far too much time on my hands.

That's about all for now.

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