Friday, December 18, 2009

The value of a good fishing hat - CAUTION Shocking Photo Below

A good fishing hat should:
1) cover your head
2) protect you from the sun
3) be just about as ugly as possible
4) never be washed
5) a really good one will cover the fisherman's face so others don't have to look at him.
6) not be in bright fish scaring colors (not that fish care about fashion but I don't really want to see your hot pink hat while I'm out fishing)
7) be cheap enough that when (yes, I did say when) you step in water over your head, or a big gust of wind comes along, you won't be too upset about watching it go floating down the stream.

Here is an example of a fishing hat that meets 6 of the 7 criteria (it does not do an effective job of covering my face.

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