Saturday, December 19, 2009


Darn- snow.  The temperatures have been such that there is very little liquid water around these parts.  Even though I usually fish with floating fly lines, it is difficult for the fish to see a fly laying on top of ICE and even more difficult for them to break through the ice to attack my perfectly presented fly.  It may be March before I get to go fishing again.  What a sad state of affairs for a fishing bum.  I guess I'll have to tie a bunch of flies to replace the ones I left hanging in trees last summer, read about other people fishing, organize my photographs into albums and just reminisce about my fishing adventures of 2009 while dreaming about yet to be had adventures of 2010.

Here is what the snow looked like out my back door:

With little fishing to be had, I went target shooting.  In addition to being a part time fishing bum (as my friend Paul in Oregon says, "Fish Bum In Training, or FBIT for short), I also like to shoot flintlock muzzleloading rifles.  While not the best shooting I've ever done, this wasn't a bad target for just plinking around in a non-competitive situation.
That's about it for today.

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