Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blogging from a mobile device

Well, with the snow and cold there is little else to do than sit inside and think of things to do. I checked my weather report on my new ZuneHD only to see it is currently warmer in West Yellowstone than it is here in Kentucky. That just ain't right..

So, sitting here all depressed because I cannot fish and nothing better to do, I thought I would see how well I could blog from the ZuneHD.

It is slow typing on the little touch screen keyboard. Other than that, it works fairly well.

How does this tie to fishing? It really does not. The only tie I can see is I can blog, tweet and Facebook from a hotel while I am on fishing trips.

Also, this is just a cool toy. I like it as well as the iTouch. I like Zune software even better than iTunes.

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