Sunday, December 27, 2009

After Christmas Tying, Avatar, Christmas Break

Here it is, a couple days after Christmas.  My son has had friends over nearly every day of Christmas break and they have been up playing XBox until all hours of the morning.  It's kind of a lazy time around the KYFLYFISHGUY household.

There won't be many opportunities to go fishing for about 3-4 months.  Which sounds like less time, 4 months or 120 days?  I'm not sure.

I have been busy at the tying bench.  I tied up a couple more flies for the fly tying series last night.  I tied a fly that I believe was invented by Hugh Hartsell called the Smokey Mountain Blackbird Soft Hackle.  I changed it just a little because I didn't want to copy Hughe's fly directly but I did want to give him full credit for inventing this fly even though what I tie is just a bit different.

I also tied some foam bodied topwater flies.  One is a version of the "gurgle pop" that you will find on Fly Anglers Online.  I haven't changed this one much but thought some of you all may like to see how I tie it.

After church today, OK, I can't lie, we skipped church today, and took Daniel and his friend to see Avatar.  I was teasing the boys that it was a "chick flick".  In all honesty, it is a pretty decent flick (considering the stars are blue people).  I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen the movie.  I would say it is definitely worth the money to see.

Daniel has had friends over every night since they got out of school for Christmas break.  I think the earliest they have been to bed has been around 2:00am.  Between Xbox and just "teen boys" talking about whatever it is teen boys talk about they have been up most of the night.  Back when the big thing was painting buffalo on cave walls or carving images of trees into rocks, I was a teen age boy once.  Most of our conversations centered around how well some young lady filled out her bear skin dress or how tight her saber tooth tiger pants fit (as well as how nicely curved the lines of the pants happened to be).  I have to assume teen age boys have not changed all that radically in the 10,000 years since I was a teen so my guess is their conversations centered around various attributes, talents, and well fitting clothing of various young ladies they know or wish they knew.

So, besides skipping church to go to a movie, tying a bunch of flies, and trying to not know what my son and his friends are talking about and not having to work, the Christmas Break has been pretty uneventful.


  1. Please show us some photos of your version of the SMBSH fly, thanks.

  2. Doug,
    I did the photo set last night. Next week, I've already promised to post the soft hackle version of a SJ worm. I'll do the SMBSH the week after or late in the week next week. I tied 3 slight variations (using feathers from different areas on the starling and one palmered all the way up and two with a more tradtional soft hackle collar.